Patience is a…

Pain in the butt!

If there is one thing I need to work harder at in my spiritual walk, that thing would be patience. It is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Some times are better than others, but all in all it is a very difficult battle. It seems even more apparent in this transition I am in.

Last week I sent a few emails to Juli about the job and then Friday I called her and she had said she would either email me or call me this week to chat with her and the teacher I would be working with. That was Friday. Today is Wednesday. The impatience is getting the better of me.

This is the last piece in the puzzle that is the relocation situation. We decided this is what we were going to do, we talked it over with the in laws, we even got out of our lease with the landlord.. the last part of this is figuring out when I am going to go out there and start working.

I just hate that at this point in the situation I am left to do little to nothing until I hear something since school is over and the in laws are still out of town and we are house sitting with not a lot of money to do anything so I sit at home with periods of mental freedom, but then I look at the clock and the mountains of questions and emotions boil to the surface.

I wish they would call so that I could focus my mind on the next phase which is the actual packing and planning stage. That is hard ot do when you don’t have a good or realistic time table.

Oh, well, this too is a test from God ot strengthen me. I just hope I have not failed too miserably so far.


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