5 June 09

So, I took the afternoon/evening to pack my clothes today and ended up having to use the old Army duffel rather than a smaller bag like I wanted to. It was easy and sort of hard at the ame time because as easy as it is to pack this time is a lttle harder because as I pack it becomes more and more apparent that this move is coming closer and closer.

Pat of me is ready for the move and part of me is still very sad about the whole thing. I want to know that things are going to work out quickly and without a hitch, but I have an appointment with a apartment finder company so we wil see what happens.


2 June 09

“Don’t stop believin’…..”

Sorry, at the moment I am listening to the tracks from the pilot of Glee. I love that show.

Well, things have been interesting. We went and handed in our 30 day notice with the apartment manager today and we also paid rent. We called a few more apartment complexes in AZ and got some info from them and some phone numbers for me to call when I get into town and it seems that I also have a date of arrival in AZ.

Next Wed.

I got hold of the director of the school and got a little info from her in email and we also set a time for a teleconference tomorrow… 1130AM… on the way to the ocean… wonderful. The downside is that the raise I was offered was only a way to keep me in AZ 2 yrs ago and is no longer on the table so I will be making $10/hr just as before.

The problem with this is that many of the apartments in the area want you to make at least 2x the rent and that is something I am just barely going to make with just one job. So, I am looking for another job and this is part of the reason I am going to be out in AZ earlier than expected. I have put in resumes and have gotten some responses, but not any offficial interviews. Yet.

I lave Wed morning for 13 hours on a bus. I am praying that I can manage to get a job quickly n order to start making money and saving for a place. We shall see. Things will hopefully work out when I am local.

Back Again

1 June 09

You know what the worst thing in the world is? Not being able to type because you only have 95% of the keys on your keyboard that work. I spilled milk on Eugene (my Mac) and had to get the keyboard replaced and so for the last few days I have been using he onscreen keyboard and let me tell you, that has been a pain in the butt.

Things seem to be slowly working themselves out. We have been chatting with apartment complexes all day today and through email last night and things look hopeful. There are still some lose ends I need to tie up with the school job, like hours and rate of pay so that I can tell the apartments how much I will be making and to see if there is a need for a second job and if there is what days and hours I can work.

I am going to try and go out to AZ in a week and a half and hopefully in that time I will have landed a job that I can work right away. I have been applying as many places as I can think of, even looking at day cares and things of that sort, part time stuff. I am going ot need something in order to make 2x the rent and be able to survive.

I am glad to be able to help at the Serbian Festival this coming weekend. It will be my last little gift ot the parish. I have been listening to the Divine Liturgy a lot since I got sick and it is a great consolation to me both when I am alone and sad, but also when I think of all of the great people and friends I will be leaving behind. I feel bad about doing it, but I know that I need to do it in order to keep my family happy and afloat.

I am going to go watch more 24 for a bit. I might blog after a few episodes. If not, there is always tomorrow.