Our 2nd Child, Marie

26 July 09

My daughter is amazing. She is so sweet and innocent and it is awesome to see the little lights in her head flicker in anticipation of knowledge and understanding. This past week we moved the last of our belongings from the ghetto into our new apartment and we got some help from a friend of Rach’s, her name is Marie. She lives a few hours north of us and it was so awesome that she came to help us. Talia took a liking to Marie from the start even though she has only met her once before. She picked up Marie’s name super quick and she was so funny interacting with Marie.

6728_237402875383_811665383_7952069_5901578_nThen Marie left to go back home and the funniest thing happened. Talia got a doll from a lady at our old parish that she never really noticed before, but it seems that that has all changed. Talia named her doll Marie and now she carries her all around the house, in the car, to the store, and the cutest thing of all, she sleeps with her. It is so funny to see her realize at random points in the day that Marie is not with her and she will walk around the house calling her, “Marie? Marie!” until she finds her.

It really is the cutest thing in the world.

Been A While

25 July 09

Well, I am going to try and keep this post short considering that it has been a long while since i posted here. We have moved twice into two different apartments, although calling the first place we moved to an apartment is being extremely nice, it was a slum. Thanks be to God we were able to get out of there and get into a place we overwhelmingly love to pieces. We are outside of our initial “desired area” but knowing what we know and seeing the place we are in we do not mind one bit. We managed to attain a 2 bed/2 bath/ 2 floor town home. It is amazing.  We are stil unpacking out boxes, but slowly this apartment is looking more and more like a little home.

Things on the work front are good, some struggles, but overall, very good. I have met some of the new people that were not here 2 yrs ago and the ones that were are great. It is great to be back in my element doing what I love and being in a position where I can say that I love my job, I love the people I work with and getting up for work is a joy and not a fear. This is a rare thing, I know and I am so grateful.

Church is great. Some minor differences in music, but I am learning. Father Damian is awesome. We are going ot have to sit down one of these days to have a chat about things though and we will see what he says about the things I ant to tell him and what we do (if anything) with them. The bishop is coming to visit the mission in November and I am really looking forward to that. I miss St. Peter’s and our friends and the people we love but we try and keep in touch through Facebook since many of them are on there and we can send pokes and messages and stay connected. For those that are not on there there is always email.

Talia is getting so huge and so smart! So many little stories and things I could tell, but if I do not do that all here, maybe I can make little posts about it and spread them over the quiet times. I am so grateful for the friends we have out here from Church who were awesome in helping us with our moves. I feel so bad that we had t do this twice, but it is over now and I just want them to know how much their help and love and support have been for us in this mess.

I am going to try and keep this thing going some sort of regularly and we will see what we can do so this does not end up like all of the other blogs I started that ended in disrepair with months between posts. Here’s hoping. Until then!