End of the School Year

29 May 10

Well, the 2009-2010 school year is over. It was a really great year. Some of my kids are not coming back next year and I hope that they succeed greatly in their new ventures.

I have off now til Tuesday when I have a meeting with the teachers to find my fit for the next school year. We are opening 2 more Senior Elementary classes next year so there are technically 3 positions in Sr. Elem.

We got the new 4 acre campus in Paradise Valley, AZ, so there is a lot of packing and moving that needs to be done next week. Lots of work to do but it is totally worth it.

We moved into Scottsdale recently so we are still unpacking and putting things in order, but we love the new place. I start my last 2 Gen Ed classes on Monday. An Intro to Biology and Eng 106? After that I just have my Major Core and that should take me only a year and 2 summers. I can’t wait for this to be over.

Prayers For Two Gregorys

17 May 10

Its odd how to situations, totally on opposite ends if the spectrum can seem so close together even if in such different ways.

I have written about Gregory a few times before. I am hoping that one day he may take steps toward Orthodoxy, but right now it seems to me that he is just stagnant. He has other things to keep him entertained, but we will see.

I have been thinking of another Gregory since last night. Totally different situation, but in same ways the same. I offer prayers for both Gregorys and leave the rest to God.

I am learning things about a coworker/friend that I am not sure what to think.. I guess the best thing to do here is the same as the others.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me the chief of sinners.