Am I Overreacting?

I am not quite sure what to think. I was a part of a group on Facebook called “NAU Resistance.” There were a lot of weird things on that site, but also some good stuff as well.

Today they reposted something regarding the existence of aliens and such, and as part of the reposted article they had a cover image of an Orthodox icon with an alien head superimposed where the saints head would/should be.

As such I was rather offended and so I said so in a comment to the article. At that point I seemed to get bashed by others, calling me holier than thou and such. I wasn’t worried about the comments honestly, more just offended that someone would deface an icon to make some sort of mundane point.

Am I overreacting or would others feel the same way?


One Response to Am I Overreacting?

  1. s-p says:

    I usually don’t call people out on offensive behavior because well, it is obvious they don’t regard what I hold sacred in the same manner I do. St. Paul says in Rom. 14 and other places it is the Christian duty to not GIVE offense and not TAKE offense and to forgive those who do on purpose (not to mention those who do so out of ignorance). It is one thing to get “beat up” for BEING a saint, it is another to get beat up for telling everyone I am one….

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