On Islam and the Trinity

“Despite being one of the higher religions Islam can in no way whatsoever accept the teaching concerning God as a Holy Trinity. In the Qur’an this teaching is ridiculed. At the Omar mosque in Jerusalem the following commandment is engraved on the wall, “O faithful, know that Allah has no Son.”   Precisely for the reason that, according to this religion, God does not have a son there is no mention of God’s love within the Qur’an, only of mercy and justice.  This, of course, perverts man’s whole life. Since, someone’s love for their own self is not love, but selfishness and egotism. This is why Muhammad never mentions love with regard to Allah, at all. He only mentions justice and mercy.”

(Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos, Metropolitan of Nafpaktos in “Entering the Orthodox Church”)


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