New Life With 2

Well, it happened Tuesday. Baby Judah Konstantin Martinka was born. Labor began at 1AM and Rach woke me up at 3. The day before we had our doctor’s appointment and t the end of the appointment she said the following three things:

1. You probably won’t make it past Wednesday.
2. Your labor will probably short, from start to finished 4 hours.
3. I do not expect him to be much over 8lbs.

Well, in retrospect, 2 out of three is not bad.

1. He was born t 5:15AM on Tuesday night.
2. Labor was, from start to finish 4 hours.
3. In the end he came out weighing 8 lbs. 13 oz.

Life is a bit different now. For all of us. I think its harder on the girls in the house. Rach has to be  mom to two now and she and Talia have to figure out how to do that at home while I m at work. Talia has to figure out how to be  big sister to a little brother whose wants and  needs are going to trump hers most of the time. Right now her Fresno Gramma is here with us helping Rach navigate all of this and so things re off to a good start.

Rach is on bed rest right now because her healing is taking a bit longer than it did with Talia but she and he are both doing really well. I go back to work on Monday. That is going to be  hard adjustment for me after being off of work for almost a week. I m proud tht in the midst of ll of this I did manage to get all of my college assignments completed for my lst week of my ENG 106 class. Next 8 weeks – Biology 101. God help me.

Talia is such a good big sister and she loves her little brother. She has been by his side all week and when he is sad she has to make sure she kisses him so that he feels better. It is the cutest thing in the world. She loves to take pictures with him and hold him.

Right now, as soon as I publish this blog we are going to go to a Fall Festival. I had wanted to bring Judah with me, but with Rach on bed rest that was not going to happen right now. We have had some friends over to see him and Father and Matushka came over to the hospital to give Rach and Judah  blessing and the Rite of Naming. In  little less than 4 days (Dec. 12) we will have the baptism of Judah and the Churching of Rach. I remember this from Talia. I love this part.

Well, that is all for now. I will be writing more and posting pictures both here and on FaceBook.

Here is also a link to a video I posted earlier of Judah and Mamma.



2 Responses to New Life With 2

  1. Rachel Martinka says:

    “a little less than 4 days” should say “40 days”, lol. 😀

    funny reading thru this and realising your A key is out, that’s why there are typos. 😉

    I like this blog post. thank you love. 🙂

  2. desertseeker says:

    Congratulations, Friend! I can see Judah is going to get LOTS of love. I mailed your books to you…finally. If you haven’t received them yet, it will happen early this week. Thanks again for letting me borrow them.

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