She Had To Go Home…

31 July 11

Dear Talia,

Two days ago you made a friend and two days later she is gone. I wish I could change that fact, this is just a part of life, but it is also a lesson I wish you did not have to learn so early.

Over the past few days you had so much fun and it was so great to see you so happy. You found a friend that “lived” right next door. It was so great while it lasted and when tomorrow comes and Ava has to go back to Seattle it is going to break my heat all over again

Every time we had to say goodbye to Ava I knew we were one step closer to this point. She has to go home and you may not see her for a few months, and I hope, as much as you are able, that you can understand. I wish there were more kids for you to play with, kids that did not have to leave to go back “home”.

It was a lot of fun though wasn’t it? We got to go to the pool and swim, you shared floaties and got to swim in the deep end, you got to have her over for a play date and you went to her house for a bit too. I do hope that you will get to see her tomorrow at the pool one last time, but at the same time, I know that the “last time”   is always the hardest, and it would almost be easier to just leave it at that, but I will leave that up to your mother in the morning.

They may visit in January around New Years, that’s what her grandma said, so hopefully you will get to see her. I know we may be living in a house by then, but we will make it a point to get together with them when they are here, I promise.

I love you sweetheart, and I know that people say that my job as a father is not to make you happy, but that is so hard for me when you are my little girl. There are rules and boundaries, but at the same time, I want you to be happy and to have all of the joy and happiness that I had as a kid and then some. I hope that when you read this you can make sense of what I am saying.

I love you with all my heart my Talia. My beautiful little princess.

Love Daddy

Summer Loves

30 July 11

As promised, here are the pictures I took yesterday of the little frogs in the pool. Talia made a friend while we were there, sadly, she is not from AZ, she was visiting her grandma for part of the summer and she leaves tomorrow. We made another swim date for Talia and her new friend this morning. I wish there was a place we could live where Talia had more friends she makes friends easily and is in no ways shy, o it is sad when she does make friends and they go away for one reason or another.  Oh well, on to the pics!

94 Hours and the End of Summer

29 July 11

Today is the last day of summer camp and with it marks the end of the pay period. This means that in the last 11 days I have worked 94 hours give or take and will receive that paycheck at the end of next week. As hard as it was at times it was a lot of fun.

Now to celebrate. As soon as I finish this post we are going to head out the pool and I am going to enjoy some time with my “Nemo” fish and my little water frog. Talia has been asking for us to all go swimming for the past few days so it will be the good end to a great summer program.

I will try to get some pictures to post of my little swimmers.

Just A Bit of an Obsession..

20 July 11

Well, since I am on a Youtube video kick I will also post a video of my latest obsession. Well, it is more of a family obsession. We started watching Dr. Who a few weeks ago and are now working our way through season 5, but here is a small video tribute I found online that I really like. 🙂 Enjoy!


The Glory of Imperial Russia

19 July 11

This has to be one of my all time favourite videos of the Royal Martyrs and serves as a beautiful window back in time…

And for those interested if you pause it at 1:25 you can look at the very left of the video and see a picture of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth after she had entered monastic life as a nun. I always say a prayer at this point because of how special she is to my family. 🙂

On the Feast of the Martyrdom of the Royal Family (17 July 1918)

17 July 11

My prayer is that we might hear this anthem sung throughout the streets of Holy Russia in my lifetime. God save the Tsar!

On The (Side of the) Road Again

16 July 11

Well, as the title suggests, we spent most of the day yesterday on the side of the road. Let me explain.

We were supposed to go to the Legacy golf Resort here in Phoenix as a git from my in-laws as they were going to visit this month but could not and so they were going y let us use the points from their timeshare and spend a few days away having a restful weekend,

Our car had other plans.

Yeah you can see where this is going.

Well, we left after a bit of packing when I got off of work on Friday and we got about 2 blocks from the house and a guy pulls up beside us ad lets us know we are dropping fluids. This is NEVER a good thing unless you are a spacecraft, which sadly, we were not.

We decided to go straight to the mechanic in the hopes that this would be a quick fix or at least we would have the van was there and it could get fixed. No such luck.

Well, long story short, we got a bit of the way there and the van would not cooperate, We left home at 18:30 and did not get home til almost 01:00..

Good news, we are spending almost all of the weekend in a Who-a-thon.

The Doctor always makes things better.

Turtle Time!

14 July 11

I am working full 9.5 days for the next 5 workdays (I know, this requires another update blog on my employment situation), but this means that I will have a lot less time to add chapters from the book. I will work on it this weekend and try to push out three more chapters or so to keep current, but they will be slow in coming due to 9 and a half hour days at work and some fun stuff happening at home. Sorry for the delay.

Orthodox Doctrine: First Section: Chapter 4

13 July 11

Part the First



What is God.

Having once confessed the existence of God, we must understand Him as the Supreme Being who is independent of any other, being self, existing, and whose non-existence is impossible. 

If the universe has been created by God, it is not possible that He should be created by any one else; as then we should suppose someone superior and mightier than God , which is wholly contrary to the notion we entertain of the Godhead.

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Orthodox Doctrine: First Section: Chapter 3

13 July 11

Part the First



The existence of God is moreover evident , first, from a minute examination of the world;1 secondly, from the unanimous confession of all nations;2 , thirdly, from the inward persuasion of our conscience,3 and lastly, from our instinctive desire for the extreme good that is for our most perfect happiness.4

1. The world is a stage, on which we behold the glory of God; it is a book declaring its our Author; it is a mirror of divine wisdom. This is confirmed by the Apostle in the following words:-“For the invisible things of the world are clearly seen , being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead. (Rom. i. 20.)

2. In every part of earth, even among the most uncivilized nations, altars are to be met with, and sacrifices are offered. The consciousness of a Divine existence is so strongly impressed on the human mind, that we find man prone to worship stones, or any other corruptible substance, rather than believe that there is no God!

3. Every man’s conscience rejoices in all good actions, while it is troubled in regard to all those of the opposite kind. Such feeling proceeds from an innate power, which obliges us t believe in a superintending Almighty Judge, who, while He recompenses virtue, invariably punishes vice; or in the sense of the Apostle, “Which shew the works of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another. (Rom. ii. 15.)

4. However happy man may be found on earth, whatever abundance he may possess of all known comforts, he can never satisfy his desires so as to not experience often disgust in the enjoyment in all temporary pleasures, and wish for others more substantial and lasting. King Solomon after having enjoyed every known pleasure, exclaimed at last- “All is vanity!” (Eccles. 1. 2.) And as such an instinctive yearning has  not been given us in vain, it follows that it can also can also be satisfied by some more perfect and permanent good, which is God; or as David saith- “I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness.” (Ps. xvii. 15.)*

We are struck with the blindness of the ungodly, when we attentively examine these proofs of the existence of God. Hence some have justly doubted if there be any men denying the existence of God without their conscience testifying to the contrary.

* Hebrew version, Ps. xvii. 15.  Vide 1 Cor. xv. 49, and 1 John iii. 2.

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