Soon, Soon..

16 August 11

It is funny how different things look when you are next in line to inherit a classroom. As the first few weeks of school shoot by I have been slowly making a list, some of it mental, and some of it on paper, of the changes that will happen when I am passed the reigns of JE#6.

Some small things, some others seem to me to be bigger things, from classroom environment as well as day to day things to some moving around of the materials. I just think that things will work better. It may be next year or maybe or a little later, but I am looking forward to it.

Also, I am looking forward to the little training seminar at the end of Sept. The weekend of my birthday in fact. Slowly things are coming together. We have a lot of  GREAT staff additions this year and I am looking forward very much to spending the next 172 days with them and the great kids we are working with this year.

Also found out today that we CAN get financed with a lender and are not required to go through the other program we were originally going to go through. We have found a lot of great homes and can not wait to start going out and looking at them. Will be posting pictorial possibilities soon.

10 Days In

14 August 11

Last week was the first week of school and the week before was work week where we set things up for the year and got the classroom ready, but now that that is all over we are in the thick of things and I am loving every minute of it.

My classroom feels great, looks great, and our 26 little brains are soaking in the Montessori wonderfulness. We are working through a lot of really great projects and we have some GREAT kids, but things are totally swamping me.

Working from 8-4 5 days a week does not seem like a lot, but I am also soaking in a lot. Things are changing at work in a lot of key areas, I also going to start training sometime this fall, also we are looking for a house and having something that is finally ours.

Things are crazy but I am making it through day by day loving it. We went to the pool today and had a lot of fun. As soon as I can get the pictures from Rachel’s phone I will post them here. Judah had a lot of fun in the starfish floatie and did really well and Talia had her arm floaties and she had a great time as well, to the point where she did not want to leave, but then again wherever we go, she never does! Silly girl.

Tomorrow she is going to have some of her other friends over to go swimming (again!) and she has been waiting all weekend for this. She is such a little social butterfly it is awesome.

Off to bed now, but will post later on. Hopefully before next weekend! 🙂

Martinka Family Icon: COMPLETED!

1 August 11

A few months ago, back in March, when we got my tax return we decided to commission a Family icon. This means that we commissioned an icon that had all of the patron saints of our family.

Counter-clockwise from bottom left St. Juvenaly of Alaska (+1796), Saint Katherine the Great Martyr(+305), Saint Konstanin of Merkushino (+1918), and Saint Natalia of Nicomedia (+306)

The image below is a pre-varnish image sent the other day. Nun Anastasia started the varnishing process today (4 coats) and said that will take a week or so to finish and then she will send another image of the icon when it is varnished, I absolutely LOVED her work before when looking at her website, now that I have an icon of my very own of hers I am ecstatic.

Martinka Family Icon

Martinka Family Icon