Martinka Family Icon: COMPLETED!

A few months ago, back in March, when we got my tax return we decided to commission a Family icon. This means that we commissioned an icon that had all of the patron saints of our family.

Counter-clockwise from bottom left St. Juvenaly of Alaska (+1796), Saint Katherine the Great Martyr(+305), Saint Konstanin of Merkushino (+1918), and Saint Natalia of Nicomedia (+306)

The image below is a pre-varnish image sent the other day. Nun Anastasia started the varnishing process today (4 coats) and said that will take a week or so to finish and then she will send another image of the icon when it is varnished, I absolutely LOVED her work before when looking at her website, now that I have an icon of my very own of hers I am ecstatic.

Martinka Family Icon

Martinka Family Icon


3 Responses to Martinka Family Icon: COMPLETED!

  1. 尼克 says:

    Plus you have seen her (MOTHER Anastasia’s) work in person and seen how good it is (i.e. my St Euphrosynos icon and the McGowan Family icon too)!

    • Juvenaly says:

      Agreed. She does amazing work and whenever anyone requests information on Family icons I point them in her direction. No one else I would even consider. Question though, with something like that, it is proper to have it blessed at Church, correct?

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