Home Sweet Home

21 March 12

We moved everything into the new place this past Saturday with the help of some friends from Church, Rach’s brother and some friends from his church group. The whole process took about 5 hours from start to finish. Not to bad. We got the bedrooms set up and parts of the house situated.

After a few days in the house things are well and little by little things are making their way to where and how we want them. Today I put a lock on the back gate, bought a lock to install on the back door, a plug for the tub and installed Rach’s curtains in the living room. She is happy to have a room that is shaded.

We still need to put up the other three rods and curtains in the kitchen and the den. We will get there. The list of things to do is rather long, but little buy little we will trod our way through it.

Oh, and did I mention that we lasted in this house all of four days before we got a dog? Yep, we adopted/rescued a dog we found on Craigslist yesterday. His name is Dexter. He is half greyhound and half German Shepherd. He had a rough first night, but he did OK today and seems to have warmed up to the family. Judah loves him, Talia is thrilled to have a dog.. (just wait til she has chores in the backyard!) The people we got Dex from called him Monster when he was younger.. Talia seems to have taken a liking to this and so this is what she calls him jokingly. Silly girl.

So as I sit here tonight I think of how great life is.. I have a home, a family, a dog.. what else can I ask for?