Back Again

Well, that started out well. I blogged for almost an entire week without fail, then life got crazy. In the last week things have been a rollercoaster. We had family in town fr the week and that did not leave a lot of time for blogging, last week was the week before Fall (Autumn!) Break and so there was a lot fo work to do.

I also applied, was accepted, and have begun classes through Ottawa University. I am back in college and this time there will be stopping until this dan degree is completed. As much as I do not want to do it, I am realising that there really is no choice in the matter and no matter how I look at the situation this is something that I MUST finish.

Here we go again!

I also need to get more work done on the Life of Saint John. Been a while since I have worked on that, maybe a it more today.


One Response to Back Again

  1. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Jason E. here. I comment on blogs “anonymously” while I’m at work because some, like wordpress, require me to enter passwords that I don’t care to share with my work’s computer system. It’s not an effort to really be anonymous.

    I say all of that just by way of explanation so that I can ask, what’s your major? Just curious. (And in the future you know who I am. Unless other people start listing themselves as “Mr. Anonymous,” in which case I have to go back and start all over with something more creative.)

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