Phone Calls Change Lives

24 February 14

Heard from the coordinator of Lower Elementary at MM today. She wants to hire me and I want to let her. Bedtime now. More tomorrow. (I promise.)

One step closer

23 February 14

I got a phone call today from Talia’s godmother. The connection that she has with the Medford Montessori school saw her at church and was asking about my number because apparently someone from the school called her and was looking to get in touch with me.

This is great news because I left a message on Friday for the second time since January trying to get some sort of an idea as to what might happen with that job opportunity and it looks like we may be one step closer to an answer.

Having something finalized as far as employment goes gives me the opportunity to go back to the lender and have him start running numbers so that I can figure out what we’re able to do with either buying a house when we move or starting out renting for six months and moving forward from there.

I hate waiting, as we all already know, but at least this is one step closer.