Roundabouts Are Fun

30 January 16

The last few months.. alright, the last few years, have been a rollercoaster of good and bad, positive and negative, joy and sadness. Through all of this junk I’ve wondered if we made the right decision two years ago. In the beginning there was nothing anyone could say to me that could ever prove to me that he decision we made to move here was not the right one. People tried, believe me, but i was convinced that thesis where we were meant to be and thats all there was to it. And the truth of the matter is, for all I know this is exactly where we needed to be for the time we we re here, but the truth of the matter is that that time is over and we need to realize that the hopes and dreams that we had for this place are no longer viable and it is time to move forward and move on.


It’s been two years since we left AZ and i swore I would never return to the desert. Maybe there is a reason i never deleted this blog. I promised anyone who said that we would be back that there was no way in hell that i was going to live in AZ again, that I had come and gone one too many times and that we ¬†were done with this state and everything we had been through here. Maybe there is a reason that i never changed any of the subpages of this blog when we moved. Because the truth of the matter is i realize now that the place i swore we would never return to, the place i thought I hated and loathed so much is exactly the place where we need to be for many reasons.

If you read the last few blog posts here you will see the pattern emerging and as much as i want to say that they were situational and that they are not endemic of a pattern of repeated behavior at the hands of my bosses and coworkers i would be lying to myself. I’ve watched things occur repeatedly and after so many times and so many situation ¬†where you can see the pattern, recognize it before it happens and call the results you are only able to be acutely aware that this entire enterprise has a shelf life and its time for ou to make choices for the rest of your family and ensure their safety and security as being more important than anything else.

That’s where we are now. I could go into more detail regarding the last 6 months and all the nasty, dirty struggles we have been through as a family, but in the end it is all over and we were saved (yet again), by the prayers and support of so many people, most of whom, if not all, reside in that place i said we would never go back to. After all of this we realized that these people, this place, the desert, is exactly where we need to be and so we have begin making provisions and plans for a transition back to AZ at the end of the school year in June. Thesis the only place I have written anything, but i felt it was a safe place to write this down seeing as how no-one ever reads this blog. There are other things, as i have said that i could share, and maybe i will, but for now this is where things stand and i will keep this journey’s events updated as i feel they need to be.

In the end all i/we ask for are prayers. They’ve helped more than anyone knows.