Life of Saint John the Theologian – Chapter 19

The Life and Struggles of the
Holy Apostle and Evangelist
John the Theologian

Chapter 19

Healing of the Man With Dropsy

“The following day we went to an arcade called Domestia, where many who had been taught by John had gathered. Close by there was a man who had suffered from dropsy for six years. So grievously was he afflicted with this disease that it was not possible for him to speak. However, by making certain gestures, he motioned for paper and ink, and wrote two lines to John: ‘To the apostle and disciple of Christ: Have mercy on me the miserable sufferer, and take away my illness.’ John took the paper and wrote him back saying: “\’To the man afflicted with dropsy, from John, the apostle of Christ: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, regain thy health.’ When the man with dropsy received the paper, he arose straightway, as one without any ailment. When the people saw this, they cried aloud: ‘Great is the God of John, who worketh such great wonders!’ Many of them came to be baptized, including the man who was formerly stricken with dropsy, who fell at the apostle’s feet and besought him for illumination. And John instructed and baptized him that same day.

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