The Life of Saint John the Theologian – Chaper 17

The Life and Struggles of the
Holy Apostle and Evangelist
John the Theologian

Chapter 17

Resurrection of the Three Children

“The people sat on the sand, waiting for Coenops for three days and three nights from time to time crying out in a great voice: ‘O most honored Coenops, help us!’ And, from hunger, thirst, and the burning sun, many of them grew faint and lay senseless. Three of their children died. John watched them and was saddened over their deception and hardness of heart. Sighing and weeping, he prayed to God, saying: ‘O Lord, Fashioner and Protector of all that hath breath and life, for Whom I suffer all these things: hasten to open the hearts of these people, that none may perish.’ Then he turned to the crowd, and said: ‘Men and brethren, hear me! Today is the fourth day ye have not eaten, waiting for Coenops who is unable to return ever again. I beseech ye therefore, depart from this place and let each return to his own home to eat bread.’ Then those whose children had perished from hunger besought John. He then prayed: ‘O Lord Jesus Christ, by Whom those who have fallen asleep from ages past shall rise on the fearful last day when the trumpet shall sound: grant me, Thy servant, the souls of these three children, that I may glorify Thy most holy name unto the salvation of these people.’ And as soon as he completed his prayer, the dead children returned to life. This sign was seen by all of the bystanders, who fell at John’s feet, confessing: ‘Truly we are in great deception; for verily thou art a genuine teacher.’ When the apostle of Christ saw that their spirit was upright and had come to knowledge, he told those remaining: ‘Go in peace to your homes to eat and regain your strength. I am going to the house of the servant of God Myron. Tomorrow I shall return again and speak to you as is meet.’ Then he uttered a prayer and they departed in peace.

“When John and I entered Myron’s house, there was great joy and gladness; and with words inspired by the Holy Spirit, John consoled all the brethren there. A table was then set and we ate and glorified the Lord, rejoicing in our souls. The following morning, a great commotion throughout the city brought all the natives to the house of Myron, and all cried aloud: ‘Myron, most laudable Myron, give us our teacher that we too may be benefitted and enlightened by him!’ But Myron suspected that perhaps they were calling for John to come outside that they might do him some evil, or even slay him. The apostle understood Myron’s fears, and said: ‘Wherefore is thy heart troubled? I believe in Christ that these people mean me no harm.’ When the people beheld John they were exceeding glad and cried aloud, saying: ‘Thou art the benefactor of our souls! Thou art he who will enlighten us concerning the everlasting light!’ The divine John then answered them: ‘Indeed, I am a mortal man like yourselves. Much rather believe in Him Who sent me, Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who is the true Benefactor and guiding Light of men’s souls. He took pity on the race of men, who were plunged into the depths of ignorance and the deception of the demons, and deigned, in His supreme goodness, to become incarnate of the Holy Virgin, and without change becameth Man, though still God, like unto us in all respects save sin. He was crucified of His own will, and by His death abolished death, despoiling hades and delivering the souls of those therein. He arose on the third day, and sent us disciples and other ministers throughout the world to preach His kingdom. By the Holy Spirit, He furnished us with abundant authority against unclean spirits and the power to work miracles and healings of divers illnesses; and, for this, all the nations are turning to the true God and Creator of all. My children, do not close the ears of your hearts, but depart from deception and come to the light of the truth.’ With these and many other things did John exhort and comfort them, and many believed and were baptized there in the house of Myron.

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