The Life of Saint John the Theologian – Chapter 14

The Life and Struggles of the
Holy Apostle and Evangelist
John the Theologian

Chapter 14

Healing of the Demonized Youth and the Paralytic

“The following day, John took me to a place called ‘Fortune’, where sat a paralytic. When he saw us approaching, he said to John: ‘Teacher of the Christians, do not overlook thy servant, for I, too, am a foreigner as thyself! Therefore do not despise and turn away from me. I have a little bread and butter here and I beg thee to condescend, and let us eat together.’ The apostle of Christ took pity on him and said: ‘Today we shall eat and rejoice together!’ We moved a little and met a peasant woman who was a widow. She was weeping and asked: ‘Where is the temple of Apollo?’ John said to her: ‘Wherefore thou needest the temple?’ The woman answered: ‘I have an only son, into whom hath entered an evil spirit, who hath tyrannized him already for thirty three days. So I have come to inquire of Apollo what to do on account of my son. But I do not know where the temple is, for I have never before been in this city.’ The apostle listened to the woman, and said: ‘Return to thy house, O woman, for by the power of Christ this very moment, thy son hath been purged of the evil spirit.’ Now the woman assumed that John was one of apollo’s priests so she believed his words, and returned to her house. She found her son delivered of the evil spirit and in his right mind. After John exhorted those present concerning the Kingdom of God, we returned to the place where the paralytic awaited us. The apostle then said to the man: ‘Behold as thou hast asked, we are come to share thy table, but who will serve us?’ The paralytic said: ‘Sirs I have inconvenienced you by asking that ye serve me, thy servant.’ John replied: ‘Nay, In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rise up and serve us.’ He then took him by the hand and he arose and served us with joy and gladness, glorifying God.’

“When the meal was over, we got up and, thanking the Lord, returned to Myron’s house. His nephew, Rhodon, was there, and he importuned John to baptize him. After the apostle taught and catechized him, Rhodon was baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The following day, the stranger who was formerly paralyzed and healed came. He bowed low before John and implored him: ‘Sir, I have despaired because of the incurable disease of my body which is now healed. Now do thou also restore my soul with the deal of thy God.’ All who beheld the former paralytic healthy and walking were astonished; and he would declare to everyone the manner of his healing. John catechized and baptized him, ordering him to keep the commandments of the Lord diligently, that he might not suffer the same again.

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