The Life of Saint John the Theologian – Chapter 15

The Life and Struggles of the
Holy Apostle and Evangelist
John the Theologian

Chapter 15

Karus the Jew

“After the passage of those days, we left Myron’s house and went to a place by the sea called Proklo, which had shops in which hides were tanned. One of those tanners was a Jew called Karus,who began a discussion with John concerning the Pentateuch. Inspired by the spirit, the apostle of Christ explained ot the Jew the meaning of the Scriptures. Karus was contentious and gainsaid the words spoken by John. Nevertheless, the apostle,wth utmost meekness, set at naught all the words of the Jew, parallelling and applying the words of the prophets to the Son of God, the dispensation of the incarnation, the cross and the resurrection, which they all foretold. After Karus heard this, he thought it all blasphemy, and said to John: ‘Be silent, addled one!’ And with these words, the Jew became deaf and mute. All present marvelled how John rendered him speechless, and they believed in Christ. John then turned to them and said: ‘Why marvel ye, O men? He hath brought this judgement on himself! Know ye not that they who are not persuaded by these words are adjudged and prevailed upon by force, and then they yield?’ The philosopher Areotes stood nearby, and said to John: ‘Teacher, honey knoweth no bitterness, andmilk hath nothing bad.’ Then Areotes gestured to Karus, and motioned for him to fall at the apostle’s feet. Areotes then continued: ‘Father, I beseech thee to free this man who thou hast bound, as it is meet for the sake of love and compassion.’ John then took pity on Karus and said: ‘In the name of Jesus Christ thy mouth hath been closed; in His name again, let thy lips be opened.’ And straightway as John spoke, Karus regained his speech. All were amazed, and believed, and received baptism in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. After that, we went to Rhoda’s house to sojourn for a time. The following day, Karus sought us out and found us and falling at John’s feet, and said to him: ‘Rabbi, thou knowest from the Scriptures that our fathers grieved and provoked the wrath of God, and renounced Him Who was their life, Who is the boast and hope of all the nations. Because I have sinned against God and thyself, who was sent by Him, I beg thy forgiveness and implore thee to grant me the seal of Christ.’ John, therefore, catechized Karus and baptized him in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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