Memories Are Made of This

25 May 09

It is odd to me how sometimes there is a song or a show that can have such a great impact on you because it manages to evoke memories of the past. Maybe not directly, but then again, at times it is so close to reality that you can almost taste it.

“Glee” is a new series due to hit the FOX network this coming Fall and for some strange and still yet unknown reason they aired the pilot this past week. I caught it on Fancast the day after it aired and after about 10 mins. I was hooked.

The premise is a high school Spanish teacher tried to put the school’s once prestigious Glee club back on the musical map and the joys, sorrows and struggles of both he and the kids encounter and endure from the school’s elites. (Read: Jocks) There is more that can be sad as far as plot goes, but as they say, seeing is believing.

I was one of the off types in High School. I was into the music scene and loved choir, show choir, Spring musicals and all that went with it so this show sort of hit a spot with me that resonated through my entire being. I’ll write more as the season goes on (in the Fall, stupid teasers) about the parallels of the show and my experiences for sure.

All in all I think it is going ot be a great show. I was a bit worried when I saw that it was from the same guy that came up with Nip/Tuck… but how bad can they screw this up? (Please FOX, Don’t make me eat these words…)

Until next time.. fiat voluntas tua!