Movin’ On Up

22 March 14

Well, I decided to do it. As of yesterday (officially) I began my Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade) training in Montessori Teacher Education. This is something I have wanted to do ever since I completed my Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade) 2 years ago. Now with the opportunities available to me in Oregon I felt there was no reason to wait.

The duration of the program is 9 months, (as was the last program, and I completed it in 6 months). If you are intrigued by any of this and would like more information you can visit the North American Montessori Center and take a look for yourself. I really recommend this program because of the distance learning aspect. Otherwise I would have had to spend a lot of time away from home and across the country to complete these trainings. My first set of assignments are due on 18 June, but hopefully they will be completed before then since (hopefully) we will be out of AZ by then, we shall see.

We had an open house last night and there seemed to be some interest according to our realtor, so we will see what the next few days. I’ll keep updating.

More on Phone Calls and Waiting

5 March 14

I checked in with my new boss Monday and told her that I had not yet heard from the owner of MM. She had said when I spoke to her a week ago that if I had not heard from him he might need a bit of a push. Hence my call. Well, he called yesterday as I was loading boxed into the jeep at the current job that www donated by one of my awesome parents and I missed it. He left me a voicemail and asked me to call him today and touch base which I did at lunch today.

We had a short, but good conversation. He asked about my timetable and I told him my plans. He had said that he would like to see a resume even though I had told the new boss my qualifications and she was very excited to have another teacher on staff that was certified. I emailed him my resume after the phone call and he said he would share the info with his wife and would get back to me. I called the new boss and kept her apprised of the conversation and a few of my observations from that conversation.

Now comes my least favorite part. I wait. Either my boss will call or the owner will call. I did tell him in my email with resume that if there was a desire on his part or on the part of my new boss to meet me before the official move I would be willing to make a trip so we can all sit down and be on the same page.

On a house related note we had a prospective buyer come by yesterday and he liked the house but Kon was sleeping and Rach did not want to wake him. The buyer knew this beforehand and liked the house enough that he said he would come back during a time that was not nap time to see the bedroom. Here again, we wait.

We know how much I love this part…

I Am Certified

4 October 12

I was going to wait until my certificate came in the post, but now is as good as any to share the news that I passed my exams and I am now officially Montessori certified in Early Education Grades 1-3. It was a lot of work but has been a great achievement and I am loving every lesson I am giving. I shall post more later on.

School Again

11 August 12

The first week, although it was only really 3 days long, is over. This coming week is the first full week of school, consisting of 5 actual days. Things so far look to be going well, although there are a few growing pains to work out I am confident things will be good.

Everything other than that is life as normal. I am tired, so I am going to bed. I have a draft sitting here from late 2011 which looks like the begining of Chapter 5 of the Ortodox Doctrine book I started. Maybe I will continue to work on that. We will see.

4 Binders to Go! 8 August Here I Come!

10 July 12

I have completed 10 binders of Montessori coursework in the last 6 months. There are 4 more binders to go and then I shall be certified to teach in a Montessori classroom. After all of this is completed, I am not sure what I will do with myself!

Still Here

20 February 12

Apparently someone ( I now know who you are!) in FRESNO, CA commented on my last post on this blog and said that they were surprised that the last post I made was 6 months ago and I have not posted since. Things have been interesting,

I have begun my training for my MONTESSORI degree, I bought a home in PHOENIX, AZ and have been busy with real estate agents, lenders, insurance and a boat load of paperwork. The MISSION we attend has fond and purchased a new property where we can worship, needless to say there has not been a lot of time for posting on here, not to mention I do a lot of short postings on Facebook before I even think of posting here.

I will try and post here, maybe I will post more ABOUT Lent, rather than taking the time off.. We shall see.

10 Days In

14 August 11

Last week was the first week of school and the week before was work week where we set things up for the year and got the classroom ready, but now that that is all over we are in the thick of things and I am loving every minute of it.

My classroom feels great, looks great, and our 26 little brains are soaking in the Montessori wonderfulness. We are working through a lot of really great projects and we have some GREAT kids, but things are totally swamping me.

Working from 8-4 5 days a week does not seem like a lot, but I am also soaking in a lot. Things are changing at work in a lot of key areas, I also going to start training sometime this fall, also we are looking for a house and having something that is finally ours.

Things are crazy but I am making it through day by day loving it. We went to the pool today and had a lot of fun. As soon as I can get the pictures from Rachel’s phone I will post them here. Judah had a lot of fun in the starfish floatie and did really well and Talia had her arm floaties and she had a great time as well, to the point where she did not want to leave, but then again wherever we go, she never does! Silly girl.

Tomorrow she is going to have some of her other friends over to go swimming (again!) and she has been waiting all weekend for this. She is such a little social butterfly it is awesome.

Off to bed now, but will post later on. Hopefully before next weekend! 🙂

94 Hours and the End of Summer

29 July 11

Today is the last day of summer camp and with it marks the end of the pay period. This means that in the last 11 days I have worked 94 hours give or take and will receive that paycheck at the end of next week. As hard as it was at times it was a lot of fun.

Now to celebrate. As soon as I finish this post we are going to head out the pool and I am going to enjoy some time with my “Nemo” fish and my little water frog. Talia has been asking for us to all go swimming for the past few days so it will be the good end to a great summer program.

I will try to get some pictures to post of my little swimmers.

Turtle Time!

14 July 11

I am working full 9.5 days for the next 5 workdays (I know, this requires another update blog on my employment situation), but this means that I will have a lot less time to add chapters from the book. I will work on it this weekend and try to push out three more chapters or so to keep current, but they will be slow in coming due to 9 and a half hour days at work and some fun stuff happening at home. Sorry for the delay.

Going Out On My Own

21 March 11

From Montessori To Being My Own Boss
Cross-posted from Work

Well, I have officially left my position at Montessori Academy. There are a variety of reasons for the change, none of which I will go into in the public sphere of things, that is just not the remembrance I want to leave of one of my favourite jobs.

We all move on to newer and better things, and I am no exception to that. I have decided to make it on my own being my own boss and running my own business. I have been working for a few weeks now on revitalizing my old Web Design and Development company, Theophany Designs. I am working on websites and projects for Orthodox Christian missions, churches, organizations and individuals seeking a reliable, economical alternative to the larger companies out there that offer services for getting a webpage on the internet.

Take a look at the link for Theophany Designs and if you are in need or if you know of anyone else who is in need of web design or development work on a new or existing website, please let me know.

God Bless.