More on Phone Calls and Waiting

5 March 14

I checked in with my new boss Monday and told her that I had not yet heard from the owner of MM. She had said when I spoke to her a week ago that if I had not heard from him he might need a bit of a push. Hence my call. Well, he called yesterday as I was loading boxed into the jeep at the current job that www donated by one of my awesome parents and I missed it. He left me a voicemail and asked me to call him today and touch base which I did at lunch today.

We had a short, but good conversation. He asked about my timetable and I told him my plans. He had said that he would like to see a resume even though I had told the new boss my qualifications and she was very excited to have another teacher on staff that was certified. I emailed him my resume after the phone call and he said he would share the info with his wife and would get back to me. I called the new boss and kept her apprised of the conversation and a few of my observations from that conversation.

Now comes my least favorite part. I wait. Either my boss will call or the owner will call. I did tell him in my email with resume that if there was a desire on his part or on the part of my new boss to meet me before the official move I would be willing to make a trip so we can all sit down and be on the same page.

On a house related note we had a prospective buyer come by yesterday and he liked the house but Kon was sleeping and Rach did not want to wake him. The buyer knew this beforehand and liked the house enough that he said he would come back during a time that was not nap time to see the bedroom. Here again, we wait.

We know how much I love this part…

What’s Next?

1 March 14

The most difficult decision to make when one is packing up a house that they are living in is the question.. “What next?” We got rid of a few things today, thus clearing out a bit of the kitchen and the family room. I’ve got some boxes ready for the shed.. But the constant feeling in all of this is that we have not done enough.

We are making a transition from washable plates and bowls to paper products for a while to see if this helps worth keeping the kitchen cleaner for showings. The kids have done a GREAT job with their areas of the house. The toy areas of the house are clearer than normal, and I know that this helps as well.

I just wish we had someone come to the house that stays for longer than 5 minutes. I know it will happen, and I know that things are falling into place as they should, but it is so difficult to wait for that perfect person, couple, family to show up and us actually get a call saying that we have an offer. I have the thought at times regarding this: “So we get the call.. WHAT THEN? What do we pack that we haven’t? What changes? What do we not really need that we are holding on to.. I guess these questions will answer themselves in one way or another when the time comes and this is just me being impatient. Again.

One step closer

23 February 14

I got a phone call today from Talia’s godmother. The connection that she has with the Medford Montessori school saw her at church and was asking about my number because apparently someone from the school called her and was looking to get in touch with me.

This is great news because I left a message on Friday for the second time since January trying to get some sort of an idea as to what might happen with that job opportunity and it looks like we may be one step closer to an answer.

Having something finalized as far as employment goes gives me the opportunity to go back to the lender and have him start running numbers so that I can figure out what we’re able to do with either buying a house when we move or starting out renting for six months and moving forward from there.

I hate waiting, as we all already know, but at least this is one step closer.

Been A While

25 July 09

Well, I am going to try and keep this post short considering that it has been a long while since i posted here. We have moved twice into two different apartments, although calling the first place we moved to an apartment is being extremely nice, it was a slum. Thanks be to God we were able to get out of there and get into a place we overwhelmingly love to pieces. We are outside of our initial “desired area” but knowing what we know and seeing the place we are in we do not mind one bit. We managed to attain a 2 bed/2 bath/ 2 floor town home. It is amazing.  We are stil unpacking out boxes, but slowly this apartment is looking more and more like a little home.

Things on the work front are good, some struggles, but overall, very good. I have met some of the new people that were not here 2 yrs ago and the ones that were are great. It is great to be back in my element doing what I love and being in a position where I can say that I love my job, I love the people I work with and getting up for work is a joy and not a fear. This is a rare thing, I know and I am so grateful.

Church is great. Some minor differences in music, but I am learning. Father Damian is awesome. We are going ot have to sit down one of these days to have a chat about things though and we will see what he says about the things I ant to tell him and what we do (if anything) with them. The bishop is coming to visit the mission in November and I am really looking forward to that. I miss St. Peter’s and our friends and the people we love but we try and keep in touch through Facebook since many of them are on there and we can send pokes and messages and stay connected. For those that are not on there there is always email.

Talia is getting so huge and so smart! So many little stories and things I could tell, but if I do not do that all here, maybe I can make little posts about it and spread them over the quiet times. I am so grateful for the friends we have out here from Church who were awesome in helping us with our moves. I feel so bad that we had t do this twice, but it is over now and I just want them to know how much their help and love and support have been for us in this mess.

I am going to try and keep this thing going some sort of regularly and we will see what we can do so this does not end up like all of the other blogs I started that ended in disrepair with months between posts. Here’s hoping. Until then!


5 June 09

So, I took the afternoon/evening to pack my clothes today and ended up having to use the old Army duffel rather than a smaller bag like I wanted to. It was easy and sort of hard at the ame time because as easy as it is to pack this time is a lttle harder because as I pack it becomes more and more apparent that this move is coming closer and closer.

Pat of me is ready for the move and part of me is still very sad about the whole thing. I want to know that things are going to work out quickly and without a hitch, but I have an appointment with a apartment finder company so we wil see what happens.

Cabin Fever

22 May 09

I has it. And with me not leaving the state of CA for another month I am not sure how I am going to manage. I still have no work and have not heard from any of the jobs I have previously applied for, in terms of a job I can do to tide me over til I get to AZ. It is very hard for me to stay here with nothing to show for it. No money, no job, nothing to do and in the end nothing to help me with my transition except for money that I have to borrow from the in-laws.

I have said many times that I am grateful for the help that they have given us while we were here in CA, but there comes a point where a man has to stand on his own two feet and be able to support his family without support from others. I am not saying that if we fall on hard times we are made to suffer, but there comes a point where a man has ot exist on his own or there is no point to existing. Not to mention it is not fair to my wife and daughter for us to have to live like this. If I can not provide for them then who am I?

I know it is only a matter of thirty days, but that is a long time when you have nothing to hold you over. I am trying to think of a way to make some money to hold me over, but it seems impossible to do from this state. It is just so hard to be on he brink of something great when you are forced to wait for the chips to fall into place. I’m trying to be patient, I really am, it’s just that I want my family to be supported and happy, that is my primary concern.

Well, I guess at this point, that is all I can do, wait and pray, Fiat Voluntas Tua.

Answers and Alternatives

21 May 09

Well, on one hand we are one step closer to a schedule for my departure and in the other hand we still gotta fill in some blanks on the how and when of this wondrous little riddle.

I got an email from Juli today after I emailed her about the possibility of working this summer and the response I got was not as promising as I had hoped. It seems they filled the needed positions for the first session of the program, but there might be positions open for the 2nd session. In July…

This would not be so much of a bummer, except it means we are a month behind on the relocation plans for me and a month later on the plans for Rach to move. The 2nd session starts the first week in July… which means I will miss Rach’s birthday (which I would have if I got into the first session, but I had hoped if I got the 2nd session it would not miss it. Grr..

I am also really looking forward to putting things together in Tempe and the longer I have to wait the more her parents have to pay for and at this point the price for all of this is going up more and more.

  • Rent for the months we remain in the apartment
  • Storage space for our stuff til Rach makes the move out to Tempe
  • U-haul with Hitch, mileage etc.
  • Bus ticket to Tempe July or Aug.

See, and yet again here we are in a place I do not want to be.  I am so tired of having other pay for me to exist. If I were to add all those expenses up it would be a few thousand dollars. This is not good. The hardest point in all of this for me is that there is nothing that I can do about it at this point. The job is the lifeline for me at this point and until that falls into place I’ve gotta stay here and do… something…

Oh well, we will see. Juli is on vacation til Tuesday (I forgot that Mon. was a holiday, bad me,)  and then hopefully Thursday she and Linda will call and then at least things as far as Fall will be solidified and she said that she will look at the 2nd Session roster and see if there is a need for more help and if there is I can slip into a position and then I will be moving in July.

The only thing that could save my life at this point is if I get a call from In-N-Out and they will hire me for a month. I feel bad going and taking a position for a month only to leave, but I need to start doing something before I die completely.

Oh well, tomorrow we are taking Gremlin to the zoo and so I shall have a more upbeat and happy blog for you all. Until then, fiat voluntas tua!

From Maybe to 21 Days

18 May 09

The whole idea of going back to AZ from CA came about sort of as an aside to the employment situation here in California for me over the past 3 months or so. I have been looking for work in all fields and in any form, but after 60+ applications and 20 or so resume drops in Craigslist I had heard nothing.

At one point through all of the drama I had the passing thought of, “I wonder in Montessori Academy is hiring?” I can’t really even call it a thought because for the longest time I did not act on it, but it returned a few times before I actually did.  I sorta dropped the hint to Rachel about the school thing and I think there was apart of her that feared this as a possibility and so she did not really say anything about it at first.

I continued to put in applications for anything and everything that was hiring. I went to two interviews, one with a call center in town that tried to talk me out of working for them, never had that happen before, and one with In-N-Out. Both of those failed. Well, I can’t really say that In-N-Out failed, they just aid that they were not doing 2nd interviews til the end of the month, and not doing any hiring (if they need to) til  the 3rd week into June. Through all of this time and for last month’s rent, Rach’s parents were paying almost everything for us. That in itself was the driving force in my needing ot do something, anything, so create some sort of positive reaction in this whole situation.

After three months I had had enough of this incessant applying with no responses whatsoever. i finally said to Rach, sort of in passing, "You know what is sad, “I bet that I could email Juli at Montessori Academy and I could probably get my job back.” At that point i resigned myself to write the email and at least see what the response was. In the midst of this we were struggling because school was over for me for the year and we were full swing into summer vacation which meant one thing for me with no job nor any prospects… boredom… I think hat that is what tipped the scales for me.

So I sent the email at about 10:28A on the 13th of May… Fast forward to 11:05A the same day… 37 mins later… I had a response from her saying that there was in fact an opening in Jr. Elementary. My position with them 2 yrs ago was in the Middle School, so this was only one step away from that. I could do that! Now, Rach’s parents were out of town for the past few days at this point on their cross country trip through the Midwest to see her dad’s family. This sort of made things odd for us cause they are cosigners on our lease and so any decisions we made we wanted them to be a part of. Kinda hard to do over the phone, but its better than being left in the dark, right?

Well, I wont go into specifics, but needless to say the initial conversations did not go anywhere near well. Emotions raised on all sides and in the end it was just a big explosion. It did, however, do one good thing. It blew open all of the oors of communication for Rach and I on this. I think for the better part of this whole thing we were tiptoeing around the ideas and issues and solutions ot the issues and so it was like we were both in our own little worlds not seing this from an open window sort of perspective. That all changed overnight.

I opened u and was blatantly honest with my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, solutions and she did the same with her fears, and feelings. Through all of this the email from Juli was in the back of my mind and I had not returned an email to her about whether or not I wanted to interview for the position. I sort of left that hanging for 2 days just to see how things went and if she or her parents warmed up to the idea of relocation. We called her parents after we had a few good talks and we basically laid out for them the options, 3 of them.

  1. Stay here, keep looking for work.
  2. I leave CA fr AZ, take this job and Rach follows later.
  3. We both leave at the same time and try and make it work.

They said that they would take 24 hours and pray about it and t hen get back tp us. I ended up sending the letter that day, just to have it in place. my fear was, if we wait too long we will be here but the job would not be there. They came back and said they thought options one or two were good, but did not like option three. I know that part if this is on account of Talia. There is family drama that exists in Rach’s brother’s family with him, his wife and their two kids and why they (wife and children mostly) do not see her parents. We won’t go into that here, not really any point nor is it the best place to do so.)

We talked more and eventually came to agreement that option 2 was really our only option so we began to slowly plan for that while coming to grips with the fact that we were leaving CA. This did not really hit me til this past Sunday @ Church, but we will get there.

I called Juli on Friday since I did not hear back from her in email. She said that things were super hectic since it was the end of the year and she would call me in the next week (this week) for a teleconference with herself and the teacher Linda. I am waiting as patiently as I can for this phone call.

In the meantime, we knew the next step was for us to sit down with the landlord and lay out the situation and see what options we had since we still have 8 months left on our lease here. We knew that we had the following options.

  1. Rach would stay in CA when I went to AZ and I would send money back for us to pay the lease over the next 8 months. After it was paid for she would come out to AZ.
  2. We ask her brother Gareth for the money needed to pay off the lease. With her parents being cosigners and with us trying to fix our credit  break and run was NOT an option.
  3. We sublet the apartment  and pray to God that whoever we get to sublet actually pays the rent. We were not sure if this was even an option since many places do not like subletting apartments.

We sat down with the landlord today and let me tell you it was the weirdest thing in the world. We told her the issues and the problems and about the job in AZ and the first thing out of her mouth was “When can I start showing the apartment?” Essentially what it comes down to is she is letting us out of the lease on account of the fact that there is a waiting list on the apartments and she has people lined up to take over. We did not even think there WAS an option 5 and so she knew we were a bit shocked at the news but we were also amazingly relieved.

Now we want for the teleconference. As son as I get that call I will know two things. First, I will know what I will be getting paid, the hours I will work and I will get to (verbally at least) meet Linda. Second, there is a summer session at the school that starts the first week in June. I am going to ask if I can work that for/with them in order to be able to start saving money over the summer. If this is the case I will be leaving in 3 weeks or so. If not, school itself does not actually start til the first week in August and so that gives me a bit more time to deal with all of this, day my goodbyes and put this all together mentally. Personally, I would prefer ption 1, but we will see what they offer me.

So, for now, that is where we stand. As soon as I have said teleconference I will write more regarding where we go from here. Until then, fiat voluntas tua!