A Shameless Plug

29 June 11

I am back working 2 jobs, partially because one of them is not bringing me anything. The leads I had either panned out and the work has been completed, or nothing ever came of it. Case and point: I sent out 900 emails and heard back from three, all negative in one way or another.

I am working with an ad campaign on Facebook and am getting people who “like” the page I created, but it has not garnered any work so far.

So here is my shameless plug.

If you know anyone looking for ANY TYPE of web work: design, development, updating, ANYTHING, please pass along the word about Theophany Designs. Not only will I be grateful, but so will my family as well as my landlord. Anyone of any denomination, group, business, etc., ANYONE, I would love to work with them to achieve their goals. If you go visit my facebook page and “like” it you will see a code that will get you (or anyone else) 10% off. That makes our already low prices even lower.

Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you soon.

Juvenaly Martinka
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