Here I offer as many helpful resources as I can during this time of Coronavirus uncertainty. It is my hope and desire to offer some spiritual support for those seeking it. If there is a resource that you feel might be of use to you or others, please email me at JosephMartinka at Gmail dot com. This resources section is under construction. 

This prayer rule is just one example. There are a plethora of other options and if you are in doubt you can and should ask your Spiritual Father or Confessor for guidance. Nothing posted here should ever be an alternative for that. 

1. A Prayer Rule (pdf)

During a time when there is no Liturgy or services available to us we have been given a service called the Typika, which can be sung/chanted in the absence of a priest. I will attempt to lay out the basic outline for the major services (Sunday Liturgy and Vespers/Vigil) and then some of the upcpming Major Feasts as they occur.

  1. Typika Text
  2. Variable Portions (Beatitude verses, Prokeimenon, Troparia & Kontakia etc.)
  3. Texts for Liturgical Services (OCA)

The Octoechos (The 8 Tones)

  1. Learning the 8 Tones (OCA)
  2. Music Downloads (OCA)

The Scriptures and Psalmody

  1. The Orthodox Study Bible (Be patient, it’s 1 LARGE pdf file)
  2. The Septuagint 

The Lives of the Saints
     1. Russia’s Catacomb Saints

Catechetical Works
     1. Early Christian Writings

Books on this Blog (In Process)
1. The Life of St. John the Theologian (incomplete)
2. Orthodox Doctrine (1857) (incomplete)
3. New Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke



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